In Person Classes

I started teaching millinery in 2019, after nearly two decades of making pieces myself. To find out more about my career in millinery, have a little read through the About Us page. You'll find all the info there.

I come from a long line of teachers on both sides of my family, so I don't know why it came as such a surprise to me that teaching the skills and techniques I've spent over 20 years learning would be quite possibly the greatest decision of my life!

I honestly cannot tell you the buzz I get from seeing someone create a headpiece for the very first time. The look of sheer amazement and pride in their eyes is priceless. so good for the soul. Mine and theirs.

I work primarily with sinamay in my own work and that's what I love to teach with. It is such versatile adaptable fabric and the possibilities are endless. 

Click into the different options below to see the different classes I offer. Keep in mind that the beginners level class, Introduction to Sinamay, must be completed before you can move on to some of the other classes. 

Summer Schedule for Classes 

PRIVATE One to One Classes can be arranged throughout the summer on Wednesdays or at weekends. 

There are no group classes currently running.